Vikki Peroza Web designer & web developer

Over 20 years of experience

My process

Applying growth driven design strategies to continually add value to your website

Listen and learn. Then create a strategy for success.
Built the website on the most appropriate platform. Launch it sooner rather than later.
Monitor user interactions and continue to promote and improve the site.

Custom Wordpress theme design and development

Themes built for performance | easy to maintain | incredibly flexibile

my wordpress experience

Wordpress plugin audits
Wordpress plugin and core updates
Custom plugin development
Custom theme development
PHP debugging/programming
Web accessbility improvements
Migration services
Website performance improvements
ΘStyles/Logos/HubSpot/Wordmark-White Created with Sketch.

HubSpot custom theme development

Secure and stable | built-in personalization | inbound marketing-focused

my hubspot experience

Custom theme development
Drag and drop templates
Custom modules
HubDB dynamic pages
Blogs / landing pages
A/B tests
Multi-language websites
Email templates
Migration services
Website performance improvements



Website redesign and launch of the main AAFCPAs website. Designed and built custom wordpress theme. The theme includes several custom block elements.

AAF Wealth Management

Website redesign and launch of this niche specific wealth advisory mini-site. Designed and built custom wordpress theme. The theme includes several custom block elemnts, including the "Your Custom Financial Plan" wheel, with animated links.

Anjoli Salon & Spa

Designed and developed the salon website on Wordpress. This fully custom theme has business-specific functionality built in to make the website quick and easty to update.

Autodesk® BIM 360™ Community Portal

Created a minisite with a live social media wall (Live-Fyre integration), video blog, instant polling, and rotating ads.
HTML/CSS/jQuery | Fully responsive

Autodesk® Building Ops mini-site

Built a product specific mini-site in HubSpot. Created custom templates and modules with HubL to accomplish complex layouts. Impoved content editing experience for users.
Included blog templates.

Bates Communications

Built a custom HubSpot theme. The theme featured a HubDB backed database application for their podcast series, a resource library, blog templates, and event registration pages.
Acquired by BTS

Beyond BookSmart

Client purchased a theme from the HubSpot Marketplace. Extended and customized the theme.


Worked with the branding company to launch an interim Wordpress website in 4 months. Developed the custom theme leveraging Gutenburg. Wrote several custom blocks. Staged all pages and launched the site.

Book Promo Site

Built a promo site for the book "All The Leader You Can Be" by noted former tv journalist and CEO of Bates Communications, Suzanne Bates.

ClearSky Data

Created initial site in Wordpress and integrated it with a database to capture email addresses for a mailing list. Then, created the full site in HubSpot featuring 2 blogs and a fully responsive web design.

Cloud Technology Partners

Created a custom theme with Advanced Custom Fields, several post types, custom short codes, and custom taxonomies for better site organization. Built in Wordpress.
Acquired by HP.


Built local sports, news and entertainment website to deliver great content and advertising to key audiences. Mega menus auto-populated with the latest content. The homepage featured latest posts in most popular categories. Implemented Google Calendar, Google AdSense ads, Outbrain ads, and BrightCove video players.
A division of Cox Communications, Inc.

Desktop Metal

Creating custom HubSpot landing page templates in HubSpot matching the look and feel of the main Deskop Metal website.

Heller Search

Built a custom theme in HubSpot COS. On-going site maintenance and development continued for 8 years, including redesigning and building the Heller Report email template.


Fixed and extended HubSpot theme. Foreign language pages. Improved site performance. Built custom blog templates with conditional logic.
Acquired by SoftServ.


Maitaining the Ivenix website for 6 years. Debugging, improving and extending the theme according to brand.
Acquired by Fresenius Kabi

Locatelli-Smith Interiors

Custom designed and built small business website (reupholstery). Dynamic pages for increasing organic traffic of local customers. PPC campaign management.
Long time client.

Merrimack ADHC

Designed the logo and the website for the Merrimack Adult Day Health Center. Built the website on Wordpress leveraging the flexiblity of Gutenberg. Developed custom blocks with Advanced Custom Fields to make editing the site a breeze.

Metis Communications

Designed and developed the Metis website. Created custom HubSpot theme with custom modules and drag and drop templates. Built for speed!

Modern Campus Web Property

Maintaining the evolllution Wordpress website (owned by Modern Campus) for 3 years. Fixed programming logic, extended the themes functionaltiy, improved the design.


Built the custom HubSpot theme, including landing page templates and email temmplates, for the Newmetrix website (formerly known as
Aquired by Oracle.


OnShape applied cloud, web & mobile technologies to CAD. Built fully responsive website with advanced jQuery animation and CSS in HubSpot. Embedded Wistia videos, developed 2 custom blogs.
Acquired by PTC, Inc.


Website migration from Wordpress to HubSpot. Managing theme improvements and fixes for the OxBlue multi-language website.


Website migrated from Wordpress to HubSpot. Applied the purchased theme, and created customimzations where needed. Also designed product illustrations.

Reflexis Systems, Inc.

Fixing and extending the Wordpress theme. Maintained the site for 2 years.
Acquired by Zebra

Universal Wilde

Built and implemented several custom templates from PSD files in HubSpot. Effects included fading rollovers, image sliders, pop-ups. Fully responsive website.
Acquired by DSG

WolfePak Software

Went from managing the Wordpress website to developing a new custom theme with Advanced Custom Fields.

Virgin Islands Weather

The website pulls data from multiple sources to provide islanders and tourists up-to-date information on temperature, percipation, winds, sea conditions, and more.

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